[toggle title=”What to Bring to Advanced Suzuki Program”]

  • Your own instrument if you play an instrument besides piano (except for  bass or cello students who have arranged instrument rentals in advance) 
  • Your own instrument specific equipment such as bow, rosin, shoulder rest, rock stop, etc. 
  • Your chamber music assignment, prepared as indicated 
  • metronome
  • notebook to all classes 
  • folding music stand, labeled with your name
  • Concert attire – all students should bring a solid, dark skirt or pants and a white blouse or shirt for your performances.  If you are selected to perform in one of the honors recitals, you may wear other colors.
  • Clothing for Beaver Creek weather.  Early June is still springtime in the Rockies.  Afternoon showers are likely so bring rain gear or umbrella.  Nights and early mornings will be very cool – it could even snow!!  Be prepared by bringing a jacket and long pants.  Days could be in the 70-80 degree range and shorts and tshirts are often ok for daytime.

Exhibitors in the Vilar Performing Arts Center have Suzuki music and folding music stands if you need to purchase these items while you’re in Beaver Creek.

There is a large grocery store, City Market, and also a SuperWalMart in Avon if you need non-musical items when you arrive.

[toggle title=”Instrument Repairs”]

Robertson and Sons Violins from Albuquerque, NM will be offering same-day bow rehairing, reshaping, grips, resetting of bridges and replacement, fingerboard dressing, gluing cracks and openings, varnish touchup, sound post replacement, tonal adjustment, and other minor repairs.  They will be available both sessions.

[toggle title=”Good Health in the Mountains”]

This area’s mountainous, high-altitude, dry climate can affect your health in many ways.

Here are many of the most commonly asked questions about Good Health in the Mountains