The CCMI PREP program can be an important first step towards participating in the Colorado Chamber Music Institute in future years! (Colorado Chamber Music Institute is an audition-based program designed for advanced teenage musicians. Currently open to Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, and Guitar. Students will work with faculty members on their specific instrument as well as members of the professional string quartet LUX. For more information and to apply visit

Registration deadline for this program is March 25th for piano and April 15th for strings and guitar. This is to have time to put groups together and send out music before institute.

CCMI PREP Curriculum Level:

Are you interested in exploring a chamber music opportunity with other musicians your age? If you are 10 and up, we would love to give you an opportunity for extra coaching in a small ensemble! Through our special chamber music preparatory program, open to all instruments, you will be able to participate in an additional small ensemble alongside your core curriculum classes. You will begin your journey as a chamber musician with your peers, and even get some important pointers from Lux members, our professional string quartet in residence! 

CCMI PREP Placement Form

There is NO audition for a student to participate in the CCMI PREP curriculum level but students must be age 10 and up and in:

  • Cello Book 4 & up
  • Guitar Book 6 & up
  • Piano Book 4 & up (reading ability Book 3)
  • Viola Book 4 & up
  • Violin Book 5 & up

In order to place each child in the appropriate group CCMI PREP students must submit the CCMI PREP Placement Form including a video recording of a polished Suzuki solo piece via YouTube by April 1st. Piano accompaniment is not required. This does not need to be a fancy video! Just take some footage of your student in their lesson or when running a piece of music at home. Our goal with this video is to place the students appropriately in ensembles.

Enrolling in this curriculum carries a big responsibility and commitment along with high expectations for the success of this group. Only if you prepare your ensemble music to complete fluency will this curriculum level be appropriate for you. You will be emailed in mid-May a .pdf file of your assigned part.  We own the original music.  If you prefer to purchase the music, it is all available through:

  • Performers Music of Chicago 312.987.1196
  • Robertson and Sons Violins: 800-A-VIOLIN
  • Shar Music: 800.248.7427