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Chamber Music of the Rockies, Adult Amateur Chamber Players program, is open to adult chamber musicians who currently have a pre-formed group and are interested in nurturing their life-long passion for chamber music.  Come enjoy playing the best chamber music repertoire in the lap of luxury of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

Adult.Amateur.Caleb.11.DSCF3954Chamber Music of the Rockies aims to nurture a love for chamber music with a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all participants through the exploration of wonderful repertoire. Our faculty is committed to providing fulfilling musical experiences and to nurture cohesive, successful chamber ensembles.  After carefully reviewing each application form, each participant will be contacted directly by our Artistic Director to discuss your musical and personal goals for the program, musical preferences, as well as technical comfort level on your instrument.

Participants of the Adult Amateur Chamber Players register as a member of a pre-formed group. Each group member must submit a separate application form online.  Fees will not be processed nor will participants receive a confirmation number until all group members have submitted complete registration forms.

Our faculty performs and coaches all ensembles daily.

The daily schedule includes

  • 5 hours of rehearsals and coachings
  • chamber music seminar
  • optional instrumental lesson
  • individual practice
  • and a variety of luxury and outdoor activities open to participants and their families in Beaver Creek and Vail Valley.

The Colorado Institute of Music promotes and supports excellence in music education worldwide. Our mission is to have the beauty and power of music bring joy and love into the lives of all people.

 Adult Amateur Curriculum

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The daily schedule allows for 5 hours of rehearsals and coachings.  Outside of the schedule rehearsal and coaching times, participants can spend time observing a chamber music seminar (public teaching, conversation and exploration of chamber music playing), taking private lessons or luxuriating in many Beaver Creek and Vail Valley activities.

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Each afternoon, all participants in Chamber Music of the Rockies will gather for  group discussion, demonstration and master classes concerning the repertoire being studied by each group.  Young Artist participants are required to attend each Seminar.  The Adult Amateur Chamber Players participants are welcome to attend and invited to perform in this seminar.  Seminars are closed to the public and are intended to provide an opportunity for practicing performing in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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Individual private lessons are available with members of the Chamber Music of the Rockies faculty members.

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One of the main highlights for participants of the Adult Amateur program is the opportunity to play alongside the faculty in a Chamber Music Sit-In.  This one-of-a-kind musical experience will offer a glimpse into life as a professional string quartet player.

In addition to the main repertoire assignment, each participant will have the option to learn one movement of a different piece.   Chamber Music of the Rockies faculty will play a variety of works having an adult amateur participant Sit-In for one of the Faculty Quartet members.  Every Adult Amateur participant who wishes will have an opportunity to Sit-In with the Faculty Quartet.  This Chamber Music Sit-In is a fun opportunity for the Adult Amateur Chamber Players program, and is not open to the general public.

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While a public performance may not be the goal of all participants, Chamber Music of the Rockies provides opportunities for performance in a variety of settings.  Participants will have the option to perform for their musical peers, their families, or for the public on the Vilar Performing Arts Stage.

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  • Inspire a love of music and a desire for excellence and achievement for each musician.
  • Create an enhanced sense of his or her unique strengths and abilities in each musician.
  • Provide an environment of excellence where musicians can experience the satisfaction of accomplishment.
  • Promote and support the bond between musicians.
  • Create an environment that inspires cooperation and de-emphasizes competition.

We promote chamber music as a metaphor for the team work and community that defines human relationships at their best.  Since 1993, the Chamber Music of the Rockies offers musicians the opportunity to supplement their music studies through a concentrated week of private lessons, chamber music ensembles and coaching and concerts. Participants will be working with teachers from around the world and interacting with other musicians from 50 US states and 10 countries, all while experiencing a full and nurturing musical environment.

Our enthusiastic professional staff is committed to creating an inspiring week of music and fun for your whole family, while vacationing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains resort of Beaver Creek.

The Chamber Music of the Rockies runs concurrently with the Colorado Suzuki Institute in Beaver Creek.

The Colorado Suzuki Institute and Chamber Music of the Rockies are sponsored by Colorado Institute of Music, Inc. a 501c3 tax exempt organization, and hosted by Beaver Creek Resort Company.