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Is it possible for our teen to stay in the teen lodge for one week and with our family in the other week?

We coordinate lodging with families all the time.  Frequently, the family will attend for one Colorado Suzuki Institute session with a younger sibling and keep the teen in the family lodging with them. Then the family goes home and the teen moves into the teen lodge.  Of course the other way, where the teen is in the teen lodge for session 1 and the family comes for session 2 works fine too.  Whatever suits your schedule, we just need to know well in advance so we can save a space for the teen in the teen lodge and coordinate the move.

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Reserving Lodging

Colorado Suzuki Institute has reserved a block of hotel rooms, suites, and condominiums for your whole family at very attractive rates for our Institute. In case you come early, or stay later (this is a GREAT family vacation destination),

  • These rates are available to you two nights before and two nights after the CSI dates of June 12 (Monday) — 24 (Saturday)
  • To take advantage of these rates, you must have a registration number from the Colorado Suzuki Institute AND phone the property directly.
  • You will NOT get the reduced CSI rates if you reserve using the Beaver Creek online booking system.
  • Your musical confirmation number is issued to you by separate email after processing of your musical registration.

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Class Locations

To help you with your lodging choices, please note the following class locations:

  • All classes are centered in the core area. You may use the free shuttle system to move from outlying lodging to plaza area.
  • Student coachings and master classes will be held in The Charter and Borders Lodge.
  • Enrichment classes will be held in The Charter Condos and Plaza area