Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is a class for children 3 weeks through 3 years of age and their parents. The SECE curriculum supports the development of all of the musical, motor, and behavioral skills necessary to begin instrumental lessons.

ECE 2016.Heather Hardie Watson son

In addition to developing these skills, the class also fosters emotional sensitivity through carefully structured activities that allow students to take turns, learn from one another, bond with their parents and other students in class, and express themselves in a calm, nurturing, pressure-free environment.


Age Level
The SECE class is designed for children ages 3 weeks through-3 years old.


Registering for Suzuki Early Childhood Education 
On the student application form, under ‘instrument’ be sure to select ‘Suzuki Early Childhood Education’ as the student’s instrument.  The SECE class meets for one 50 minute class period each morning.

Each student in the SECE class must have a parent or caregiver attend class with them each day.