Piano Duet Form Deadline: April 1, 2017

The Piano Duet Class Reservation is due before April 1, 2017 in order to participate in a piano duet class.

All piano students who play at the level of Suzuki piano book 2 and beyond and who are reading music are eligible to take this class.  Only those piano students who fill out the piano duet class reservation form will be placed into a piano duet class as part of their core curriculum.
Please note: This is NOT a sight reading class, so start to prepare NOW, even before April 1st.

Only if you prepare your ensemble music to complete fluency will this class be appropriate for you.

Remember, you are learning BOTH parts of your selected duet(s).  Learn one duet fluently before you choose to learn the other duet in your level.   Playing opportunities are broader if you learn one duet fluently than if you learn both duet pieces but neither to fluency.  Duets will be played in class and performed using music.

Fluency includes the following:

1. Rhythmic accuracy-
Ability to count the beats and subdivisions
Proper speed, refer to the metronome marking

2. Note accuracy plus rests, slurs, staccatos, dynamics, etc.

3. Ability to listen to the other part and coordinate with the other part

4. Ability to begin playing from any measure

Piano Duet Levels

Please consult your home teacher before deciding which duet (s) will best suit your reading and playing skills. The CSI piano faculty has recommended selecting a duet level below your current solo level. It may be in the best interest of the student to repeat a level because new music has been selected for 2019.
Completely learn and master one part before learning the other part. Only if you prepare your ensemble music to complete fluency will this class be appropriate for you.

Ensemble 1:  Beginning Readers (~ Suzuki early Book 2—Bach Minuets)

  • Kaleidoscope Duets, Book 1, by Jon George, Alfred Publishing
        Shepherds Flute (pages 12-13) MM quarter note = 92
  • Black Key Suite, by Robert Vandall, Myklas Press
          No.1 Echo Waltz  (pages 2-5) MM quarter note = 120

Ensemble 2: Suzuki late Book 2, early book 3 (~ Beethoven Sonatina in G major, Clementi Op. 36, No. 1)

  • Just for Two, duet book I, by Dennis Alexander, Alfred Publishing
         Cinnamon Popcorn (pages 10-13) MM quarter note = 120
  • Dances for Two, by Catherine Rollin, Alfred Publ. 
    Tarantella Brillante (pages 26-31) MM quarter note= 112

Ensemble 3: Suzuki Book 3 -Early Book 4 (~ Kuhlau Sonatina, Mozart Minuet)

  • Sneaky Fox Boogie, by Emilie Lin, FJH Music Co., Inc. Publ.; MM quarter note = 144
  • In Recital Duets, Book 3, Vol. 1, by Helen Marlais, FJH Music Co.
         Chopsticks (pages 20-23) MM quarter note = 176

Ensemble 4:  Suzuki Book 4 (~ Beethoven Sonata in G major, Bach Gigue)

  • In the Key of Jazz- Duets, by Kevin Olson and Edwin McLean, FJH Music Co.
         Grove Town ; MM quarter note = 120
  • The Phantom, by Melody Bober, FJH Music Co. MM quarter note = 160

Ensemble 5:  Suzuki Book 5 (~ Fur Elise to Le Coucou)

  • The All-American Hometown Band, by Walter & Carl Noona, Heritage Music Press, Publ.; MM quarter note = 126
  • A Rock’ n’ Roll Tune for Twenty Finger:  Freezing Hot!  by Catherine McMichael; MM quarter note = 152
    find at www.lorenz.com or  * www.catherinemcmichael.com  (* version can by emailed as a pdf file)

Ensemble 6:  Suzuki Book 6 and beyond (~ Mozart Sonata in C major, K. 330)

  • Rhapsody Grandioso by Melody Bober, Alfred Publishing (For level 6, only one duet is listed)
    MM quarter note = 92-100

Where can I buy my duet music?

You will need original music for your class as no photocopies will be permitted in any piano ensemble class.

To purchase any of this music:


Duets will be performed on the last day of your session with 2, 4, or 6 people in various combinations of ensembles during your class time.
A few extremely well prepared students may also be selected to perform in a separate recital held on Friday evening.

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