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Session 1: Tuesday, June 13th at 4:45 pm and Wednesday, June 14th at 4:45 pm

Session 2: Tuesday, June 20th at 4:45 pm and Wednesday, June 21st at 4:45 pm


Solo Honors Recital for All Instruments

Students who would like to be considered to play on one of the daily afternoon Honors Recitals, audition by sending one YouTube video audition link of one performance of one well-polished, memorized piece from the Suzuki repertoire.  If the piece is multi-movement, submit only one movement.  Piano accompaniment is required on your audition video unless your piece is composed for solo instrument without accompaniment.

Recitals are approximately 45 minutes in length and participants are chosen though a video audition process before Institute. Approximately 8 students per recital will perform, representing all instruments and a variety of levels. Audition videos are judged anonymously by an impartial, rotating committee of experienced teachers. The committee chooses performers who will best represent fine examples of Suzuki performance for their age and level.  Therefore there is a very strong preference for repertoire from the Suzuki books.  Students must perform the same memorized, polished piece which they submit for audition.  Only one audition per student can be submitted.

All completed applications with YouTube video audition link and teacher recommendation form must be received online by April 10. No late applications are accepted. Audiocassettes, videotapes and DVDs are not accepted.

For those selected to play, a staff accompanist is provided for a rehearsal and the recital performance.

All students applying will be notified by email on April 30 and students who are chosen to perform will be assigned a day for their performance.  Great care is given to programming recitals; changes of performance days are not possible.

Plan your travels carefully.  All rehearsals with piano accompaniments will take place on Mondays, noon-2:00pm.  If you are a pianist or if you are not using a staff accompanist, you will not attend this rehearsal from noon-2pm.  This will be the only rehearsal with the staff pianist.  There is an instructional meeting for all soloists on the Monday of your session from 2:15 – 2:45 pm in the Vilar Center on the Stage. This meeting is mandatory for participation at the Solo Honors Recital, even if you are not using our staff accompanist.   If you are not able to attend the solo recital meeting and your technical rehearsal we recommend that you do not apply.  Plan your travels carefully. 

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Piano Solo with String Chamber Ensemble Honors Recital

Pianists may choose to audition to perform one of the following pieces with a string ensemble accompaniment on the student solo recitals.  Submit only one movement.

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  • Sonatina Op. 36, no. 1 – Clementi
  • Sonatina Op. 55, no 1 – Kuhlau
  • Sonatina Op. 36, no. 3 – Clementi

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Video Audition Preparations and YouTube Upload and Submission Instructions