• As part of the core curriculum, Book 1 & 2 students take a Music Theory class and Book 3 & Up students take a Technique class.
  • To ensure students receive the most effective experience, the following minimum levels have been defined. These levels refer to theory skills and are not necessarily related to reading levels. Please consult with your teacher to determine your child’s appropriate level (A or B) and indicate it on the registration form. Your teacher will also be asked to submit a confirmation email.
  • If you are unsure whether a student is ready for a certain level, register your student at the lower level.

Level A (Book 1 & 2)

Students at this level are new to music notation symbols or have had little introduction to music symbols. This musicianship class level focuses on learning note names, note lengths, rhythmic relationships, pitch-matching, drawing musical symbols and other introductory music theory activities.

Level B (Book 1 & 2)

Ear-training/aural skills include the ability to match pitch vocally and to hear and accurately echo short melodic patterns vocally.

Reading skills include an ability to visually recognize note and rest values, identify notes on a staff and recognize skips and steps on the staff.

Students at this level are also developing the ability to demonstrate a steady beat in a variety of tempi, understand the difference between beat and rhythm, and be able to transition from half to quarter to eighth notes.


Book 3 & Up Technique Class

All Book 3 & Up students will automatically be enrolled in the proper technique class based upon their instrument and book level.