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Parent participation is essential to the success of the Suzuki Method, therefore the Institute has planned various activities to help parents fulfill their role. Parents attend lessons with their children and help them prepare for the next day’s classes.

There is no fee for parents accompanying students to classes. Free Parent/Teachers Discussions are scheduled daily. Topics include practice, motivation, instrument selection and care. In addition, instructive videotapes are shown throughout the week.

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Donahue.B.AnneAt the Colorado Suzuki Institute, we offer daily classes to help parents get enough music literacy to assist in their own child’s development as a musician.

This course is designed for parents who would like to better their own music literacy in order to assist their child’s daily practice.  Have you ever understood the practice assignment in the lesson only to return home and get very confused about which note is to be slurred, where to breath, which note was out of tune, where the dynamics are supposed to be?

Music literacy is essential in your child’s musical development, and this course is designed to get you, the home practice partner and parent, more comfortable using the Suzuki book and other musical materials as a resource for your child on a daily basis.  Each day we will explore a different musical concept in order to establish a basic and balanced music literacy.

Topics included are

  • basic notation
  • rhythm
  • note reading
  • music history and appreciation.

You will have the opportunity for individualized skill building through the use of computer software.  This class is non-instrument specific and no prior knowledge of written music is required.