The CSI Voice program can be an important first step towards participating in the Colorado Vocal Institute in future years! (Colorado Vocal Institute is an audition-based program designed to nurture the development of high school singers (incoming 9th graders through recent high school graduates, ages 13-18). For more information and to apply visit

Join us for the CSI Voice Program this summer! Led by Danielle Hermon Wood!

Danielle Hermon Wood was nominated for a Colorado Henry Award for her performance as The Lady of the Lake in Inspire Theatre Company’s production of “Spamalot” at the PACE Center in Parker. Wood has played leading roles with regional opera houses in the United States, Japan, and Singapore, and even performed backup for Sting in a SiriusXM concert in New York. Wood earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and her master’s degree from Manhattan School of Music. Danielle has also directed musicals in Parker, Allenspark and Estes Park while continuing to be the Music Director at Bixby School in Boulder and maintaining a private voice and acting studio in Longmont, CO. She was recently seen as Vicki in “The Full Monty” at the PACE Center in Parker. “My greatest passions in life are being a mother to my vivacious 9-year-old daughter, music, and theatre,”


Who is Eligible for the CSI Voice Program?

  • Do you love to sing?
  • Have you been in chorus at school, church youth choir or a community chorus?
  • Have you been in a musical or always wanted to be?
  • The CSI Voice Program might be just right for you!
  • The CSI Voice Program allows students to register for a full Institute experience in vocal development, repertoire and performance.
  • Designed for students age 8 through 16 years of age.

Do I need to audition?

No. There is no audition requirement for the CSI Voice program.  (If you are interested in a more advanced singing training program visit the Colorado Vocal Institute for more information about their audition-based training program.) The CSI Voice program is open to students (ages 8 to 16) of all abilities from absolute beginners to high school kids who want to be better singers.

What if I don’t have a private voice teacher?

No problem! If you haven’t started vocal lessons yet, this program can be an excellent introduction to singing. Our voice faculty love working with students who have studied another instrument and want to explore to world of voice.

Daily Program for Vocalists

  • Master Class: daily shared individual lesson receiving personalized vocal instruction.
  • Song Literature and Rep Class: explore singing styles and repertoire in a wide variety of genres and styles including music theater, art song, operetta, and popular music.
  • Vocal Ensemble: ensemble singing technique in groups of various sizes from duets to choral singing.
  • Dalcroze Class: Explore music and movement in this fun and active enrichment class.
  •  *Students are also encouraged to bring any books, texts and music (in any style) that they are interested in exploring.


Monday Sing-In

Vocal students will have their own ‘sing-in’ on opening day!  Each student will have a chance to sing one of the required songs (see vocal requirements/songs below) as a solo for the voice faculty in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. We may even have time for students to sing some of their choice songs, too!  Be sure to bring your music to the orientation session as our sing-in takes place directly after orientation. Please remember to bring a copy of the piano accompaniment part for the pianist. This sing-in has the added benefit that we’ll all get to meet each other! Our vocal faculty can get to know your voices right away and begin to understand your particular vocal needs so your time together can be successful.

Placement Video

Although it is required, the placement video is NOT an audition. Everyone who loves to sing is welcome!

Any current recording of the student singing is acceptable. (examples would be: a solo at the chorus concert or a favorite song recorded at home). This recording allows the faculty to group students appropriately and to better prepare for master classes. Based on the video we may suggest alternate required pieces. Please submit your video via the CSI Voice Program Placement Form by May 1.

Vocal Program Requirements

Students should bring 2 songs (from the list below) prepared and memorized to Institute. Students may also bring other songs they are interested in working on while at CSI. Be sure to bring 3 copies of every song (1 for the accompanist, 1 for the teacher, and 1 for the student) and be sure the printed music has a piano accompaniment.

  1. Two selections from Required Songs listed below. (You will present one of these songs at the “Sing-In” and may be asked to sing another selection.)
  2. (Optional) Elective songs of the student’s choosing or songs the student is working on with their home teacher

Required: (Choose 2)

  • Ballad from standard musical theatre repertoire
  • Upbeat from standard musical theatre repertoire
  • Traditional folk song (Use this book: Folks Songs for Solo Singers: )
  • Selection from 24 Italian Songs and Arias (Can be found on amazon. Make sure you order the correct voice range.)

2. Elective Songs

Students are encouraged to bring other songs they would like to work on while at the Institute. Be sure to bring 3 copies of every song and be sure to the printed music has a piano accompaniment. The elective songs may be in any style or language. (ex. classical, musical theatre, jazz, folk, pop)

If you have any questions or need help choosing a required selection, please email Danielle Hermon at