Faculty Questionnaire

  • Maximum Word Count: 150
  • We will put a bio and picture of each teacher on the website. Please upload your photo below. (If we have your picture from last year you don't need to upload it again.)
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • This helps us assign classes and play-in leaders!
  • Please list anything you might need and we will check in with you in May/June to confirm.
  • As a part of the activities of the Institute, we have a number of events that require the assistance of our faculty. In order to help us assign you to assist in the events for which you are best suited, please mark your preferences in the list below. You may mark as many options as you are comfortable with but you will only be assigned enough to cover the contracted hours.
  • If you have a specific Extra Activity that you like, was discussed, or you feel would be an added value please list it here.
  • Our lunches will be together as faculty and staff. We want to make sure and plan for any special dietary needs.
  • We will provide food allergy information to the hosting lunch restaurant.
  • Please list their name/s here below.
  • Will you have a spouse, companion, or your family staying with you? We will do our best to accommodate for families on a basis of the rooms available. This information also helps us with roommate placement and letting the resort know how many people will be in each condo.
  • If you answered yes or maybe above, let us know who might be staying with you so we can plan the arrangements. If you aren't sure, list what is possible and we will check in during the spring to confirm your plans.
  • Travel arrangements

    Due to fluctuating costs we are being very careful about travel ticket purchases! The airline ticket will be pre-paid* and an email confirmation sent to you. From Denver to the Institute itself, we will provide you with complimentary ground shuttle service. ** If you are sharing travel with another institute, arrange your own travel and we will reimburse you our percentage of the total cost not to exceed the lowest round trip fare. For airline reservations we need your date of birth and your name as it appears on the photo ID that you will use while traveling; please enter your name and DOB in the boxes below. (*If, for any reason, you do not fulfill your obligation under this contract you agree to promptly reimburse Colorado Suzuki Institute for all costs and expenses incurred by the Institute on your behalf. **Any cancellations to ground shuttles prepaid by CSI must be emailed 7 days in advance or a shuttle fee of $80 each way will be assessed.)
  • For airline reservations.
  • For airline reservations.
  • Thank you!

    Thank you for your commitment to an enriching musical experience for children! We look forward to seeing you in Beaver Creek! CSI Staff