To help train successful Suzuki teachers, the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) has set up the following program. Teachers interested in studying the Suzuki philosophy, pedagogy and other aspects of the method enroll in courses corresponding to each book.   The first course, Every Child Can!, covers the elements of Suzuki teaching, an understanding of far-reaching goals of the Suzuki method and understanding how to continue training in order to become a Suzuki teacher. This Every Child Can! course must be taken online prior to attending the Institute. Book 1 continues with a thorough study of the entire repertoire and techniques contained in Book 1 of the Suzuki Method. Read carefully the Suzuki Association of the Americas training guidelines for audition requirements and deadlines.

Suzuki Association of the Americas Guidelines

The SAA considers its Teacher Development Program to be in-depth pedagogical study for professional musicians. To qualify as a Participant in the courses, you must submit and pass an audition. When a course is taken and completed, it will be registered with the SAA. Registered courses count towards earning a Certificate of Achievement.

For further information, please see the SAA website at and find the teacher video audition application form and instructions, or call the SAA toll free at 1-888-378-9854.

Training Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum age of 17 and a high school diploma
  • SAA active membership
  • Every Child Can! course (no audition is required but this course is a pre-requisite for going into Book 1)
  • Video audition accepted by SAA
  • Books 1 through 3 must be taken in order


Required Video Audition and Application

To qualify as a participant in SAA Teacher Workshop unit courses, applicants must submit a video audition to the SAA, preferably well in advance of taking the course. No audition is required if ONLY registering for the Every Child Can! course.

Complete information about the SAA video audition and application for any book level and instrument can be found a the Suzuki Association of the Americas webpage – Teacher Audition Guide



The SAA strongly encourages Participant status. Auditor status is also possible for those who wish to review a course taken previously or for teachers who have not submitted an audition. Auditors may not register courses with SAA.



  • Participants who have met the course requirements, including 100% class attendance, will have courses registered with SAA by the trainer.
  • SAA requires that courses be taken in sequence through Book 3
  • Only one short term teacher SAA training course may be taken at the same time, though multiple courses can be taken in a row either at consecutive sessions of the same institute or following each other at different institutes.
  • Teachers enrolling in Book 1 and beyond must be current, active SAA members.
  • Teachers are encouraged to take courses over again as new ideas and deeper understanding are always gained.
  • Applicants submitting auditions later than 8 weeks prior to the start of your course may not receive audition results prior to the start of the course and will be in the course as an auditor. Auditors may not register courses with SAA.
  • If you have already taken book courses in previous years, those books remain valid. However, one of the above audition approval processes will be required prior to acceptance as a participant in any further training courses.
  • All applicants are expected to prepare the book to be studied to the point of fluent performance. Memory is not required but is recommended.
  • Fifteen (10) hours of observation of student classes is required for book one courses. Eight (8) hours of observation of student classes is required for each course beyond the level of book 1. Trainers will recommend specific observations with the bulk done at the book level being studied. Workshop participants will record their observations in a format prescribed by the trainer.
  • Teachers may attend recitals and concerts, and observe individual and group lessons of any Institute student.
  • Teachers may record or photograph playins, evening public events, and concerts.  No sound or video recording of any training course is permitted.
  • Teacher training classes are limited to 15 participants for all instruments.
  • Teacher Practicum classes are limited to 5 participants for all instruments.
  • Advanced high school students may be admitted to the course as auditors, but SAA course registration forms will only be issued to high school diploma holders.