“When does online registration open?”

We expect to open registration in January!


“Can I make requests about teachers, classes, etc?”

You may make special requests in the Notes section on the application form.  Many factors go into scheduling, including ages, playing levels, teacher availability, and room availability.  We never compromise on creating the perfect schedule for each individual student.  If it works out to honor your request, we will be happy to do so.


“What is Musicianship or Technique class?”

As part of our core curriculum, all of our Book 1 & 2 students participate in musicianship/theory classes and all students Book 3 & up take a Technique class.  We are committed to providing a musical education not only for playing their instrument but also for understanding the fundamentals of music theory leading to music composition skills. A student’s theory knowledge has nothing to do with where they are studying in the Suzuki repertoire and is also not necessarily related to their reading skills.  Our goal for musicianship classes is to move students to use their theory skills to become stronger readers and performers. You can read about the different musicianship levels here. Please consult with your home teacher about which level is appropriate for your child. All students in Book 3 & Up will take a Technique class and will be placed according to their book level.


“Can I pay tuition in installments?”

Yes! Again this year we are allowing parents to pay for tuition and lodging on a payment plan. (Payment plans from 1-3 payments are available) We accept Visa or MasterCard.


“I have another child who studies with a traditional teacher. Can they attend Suzuki Institute?”

This curriculum is open to students studying violin, viola, cello, piano, or guitar with a Suzuki trained teacher, using the Suzuki Method.  Non-Suzuki siblings/parents can enroll in enrichment classes on a space available basis.  Siblings may register for up to 3 enrichment classes.


“I have a student who is in the middle of Twinkles now. Can I register them for Institute?”

Yes!  Again this year we have a program specially designed for children who are still working on their Twinkles!


“Can I register in the Suzuki Institute as an adult?”

Yes! We are happy to accommodate adults who wish to continue their Suzuki study. Contact us if you have questions!


“What is the Colorado Chamber Music Institute PREP Curriculum level?”

Students in the CCMI PREP  curriculum level are enrolled in 5 daily classes: master class, repertoire class, enrichment, technique class, and chamber ensemble. The chamber ensemble class allows students to explore the unique and rewarding world of chamber music, and gives them a chance to work closely with their musical peers and our wonderful chamber music faculty.

All instrument types are eligible for this curriculum level choice. Students must be in book 4 or above depending upon their instrument and must be age 10 and up to participate.  No audition is required but we ask you to submit a video of a polished solo piece to help us place you with the most appropriate group.


“Do parents need to accompany their children?”

All students age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible, interested adult.  The parent attends classes with their student and takes notes for the student.  Parents do not need to attend enrichment classes but are welcome to attend and observe if they wish.


When do I find out my class schedule?  Can I get it early?”

Student schedules are given out during registration on the Sunday of each session.  We are committed to creating the perfect schedule individualized for each student matching him or her with appropriate teachers and peers in each of their classes.  The faculty is given an opportunity to review the schedules to verify the appropriateness of each assignment, and therefore, schedules are available only after 1:00pm  on Sunday.


“How do I prepare for my master class?”

First and foremost, consult with your home teacher!  Students should bring a polished piece from the Suzuki repertoire for the master class.  No matter what the level of current study, the student should select a piece from the Suzuki repertoire that has been studied over a period of time.  Master class teachers will not work on a new piece with students as we support and want to ensure that the home teacher creates proper preparation for newer pieces.


“Why is the Wednesday schedule different?”

This was a HUGE success in 2023! One of the most consistent comments we hear from our families who attend is that they are exhausted by the end of the week. It is a really fun and rewarding week, but it is busy! The one regret we hear from our CSI families is that they wish they had more time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Beaver Creek and the Rocky Mountains. At CSI we want to prioritize nurturing the “whole” child and, by extension, nurturing the “whole” family.  To provide a mid-week mini-break, Wednesday will be our “Explore Beaver Creek Day.” Students will go to all of their classes, but the classes will be half as long as usual, and everyone should be done by 1:00 pm. In the afternoon, families are free to explore Beaver Creek in any fashion they choose. If you are interested, we will have a list of ideas and some group activities for people to try such as guided hikes, walking trails, scavenger hunts etc. Maybe your child can take a break on the walk and play music for the birds and explore making music in a new way? Or maybe just take a walk and connect as a family? Our hope, first and foremost, is to create a time to share an activity as a family and inspire more musical joy!


“Is The Charter still under renovation?”

No. The Charter went through a major renovation in 2023 but that is now complete and things will return to normal for 2024!


“Are non-Suzuki pieces a possibility for solo honors recitals?”

Since we are a Suzuki program, we place a strong emphasis on the Suzuki repertoire.  However, as students reach Suzuki book level 6 and beyond, it is common for them to study repertoire that is supplementary to the Suzuki books.  Occasionally students in books 6 and above in piano and guitar, and books 7 and above in violin, viola, and cello are allowed to choose non-Suzuki pieces for their solo recital performances.


“Are non-Suzuki pieces a possibility for solo piano celebration concerts on Friday night?”

All pianists performing need to have a polished Suzuki repertoire piece prepared to perform. 


“What clothes should I bring for the final concerts?”

Concert Dress:

Dark pants, dress belt, white dress shirt and necktie
Dress shoes and dark socks

Dark skirt/dress below knee length or dress pants
White dress shirt
Dress shoes that you have performed in or worn before

Pianists may choose to wear other appropriate concert clothing.

Be sure your hair is secured so that your vision is not obstructed.
Please consider your audience when choosing your attire.
Bare midriffs or shoulders, short skirts or plunging necklines are not appropriate.


“Where can I park?”

We have arranged for free parking for each family staying at the Charter, Creekside, and at Borders Lodge. Some daytime parking may be available at the Ford Theater parking garage.


“Where do I go to check in at the Institute front desk?”

Go to the CSI front desk located in the Vilar Performance Center in the center village of Beaver Creek. Institute check in takes place from 1pm until 4pm on Sunday.


“Where do I go to check in for the lodging that we reserved through CSI?”

If you are booked at the Charter, please go to The Charter front desk in Beaver Creek. Check in is at 4pm on Sunday, June 23rd. Check out is on Saturday, June 29th. All families must reserve their lodging through the CSI registration process. Lodging Check in starts at 4:00pm but you can stop in and ask for an early check in.

If you are booked at one of the other properties, we will be contacting you by email a few weeks prior to the Institute with directions specific to your lodging reservation.


“Can I book at another hotel in Beaver Creek?”

You must book your lodging through our registration/payment process on this website. We offer lodging at The Charter in Beaver Creek, Creekside, and Borders Lodge. Our usage of the world class performing arts theater at the Vilar is dependent upon all of us staying at these properties. If we don’t, we will lose the use of the Vilar completely which will make our Institute in Beaver Creek impossible. In some instances, it is possible to stay in an alternate lodging situation but you must pay the $550.00 facility fee if you choose this option.  


“What else should I bring with me to the Institute?”

Be sure to bring:

  • a notebook for taking notes during classes and parent-talks
  • All of your Suzuki books
  • a music stand (unless you’re a pianist)
  • your Suzuki recordings.


“Do I need a car while in Beaver Creek?”

You do not need a car while you are in Beaver Creek in order to fully participate in Institute.  All classes are within walking distance of your lodging. There is also a shuttle service that runs non-stop around the resort!


“Can my child participate in the teen lodge social activities without staying in the teen lodge?”

We only have enough adult supervision for the teens staying in the teen lodge.  This is why Institute sponsored teen activities are only open to teens housed in the teen lodge. However, only about 20 teens each session stay in the teen lodge, out of the more than 100 teens who enroll.  Your son/daughter will have many other teens to be with under your supervision.


“Is food provided at the Institute?”

There are a number of restaurants ranging from family-friendly pizzerias to fine dining located in Beaver Creek. There is also a a small market on the plaza in Beaver Creek and a grocery store in near-by Avon.


“Will there be a front desk or communications center at Institute?”

There will be front desk located in the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Open Monday – Friday from 7:45am to 4:30pm. You may leave written messages in the message basket on the music desk if the office is closed. 


“Are there practice rooms available?”

Instrumentalists other than pianists practice in their own lodging room or outside in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Pianists receive a 25 minute practice space built into their schedule.  If more practice time is needed/wanted, pianists may also sign up for an additional 30-minutes of reserved practice time each day. The online piano practice room sign-up is available beginning at 12:00 noon during Registration/Check-In on the Sunday at the start of the institute. Pianists will receive an email with a link to the sign up form. Piano Practice Rooms are located throughout Beaver Creek.


“Are there activities planned in the evenings?”

In the evening you can enjoy free time with your friends and family or there are multiple activities planned for the evenings that are wonderful opportunities for Suzuki families from around the world to get to know each other and enjoy making music and making wonderful memories that continue to motivate both students and parents throughout the year.  These are fun and family oriented for everyone to enjoy.


“What happens on the last day of Institute?”

In addition to the regular class schedule, all students perform in the “Celebration Concerts” which last until 8:30pm on Friday.  Concerts are divided into instrument groups.  Detailed information about the time and location of each Celebration Concert will be publicized in the Daily Note newsletter at Institute.


“What are some childcare options while I’m at Institute?”

If you only need childcare assistance for a short time each day we suggest that you talk with us at the front desk about putting a note in the daily email. It is sometimes possible to find a Suzuki teen to assist you.  Many families bring older siblings along who are available.


What if I have to cancel my registration and lodging reservation?

In the event that you decide to cancel your registration and lodging reservation, notify the Colorado Suzuki Institute in writing by April 15th. There is a $150 non-refundable cancellation fee per participant. The payment of all other fees will be returned if written notice of cancellation is received by April 15th. (No refunds for last minute changes or early departure.)

Due to commitments to faculty and travel plans, applicants who withdraw after April 15th forfeit all fees. If enrollment is full or a teacher-training course is canceled, all registration and course fees will be refunded.