1) Extra Enrichment $150 per class

  • Enrolled CSI students can enroll in one extra enrichment class subject to availability. ($150 per enrichment class with no additional registration fee)

2) Sibling Enrichment $150 per class (See choices below.)

  • Siblings not enrolled in the Institute can enroll in enrichment classes only. (No Suzuki classes and subject to availability. $150 per enrichment class with no additional registration fee)

3) Colorado Chamber Music Institute (CCMI)

  • Please visit www.ColoradoChamberMusic.org for more information on this program for teens who play Violin, Viola, and Cello. Limited spots available and is by video audition only.

4) Colorado Vocal Institute (CVI)

  • Please visit www.ColoradoVocal.org for more information on this vocal program for teens which has limited spots available and is by video audition only.


Sibling Enrichment Choices:

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is a class for children 3 weeks through 3 years of age and their parents. The SECE curriculum supports the development of all of the musical, motor, and behavioral skills necessary to begin instrumental lessons.

ECE 2016.Heather Hardie Watson sonIn addition to developing these skills, the class also fosters emotional sensitivity through carefully structured activities that allow students to take turns, learn from one another, bond with their parents and other students in class, and express themselves in a calm, nurturing, pressure-free environment.

The SECE class is designed for children ages 3 weeks through-3 years old. Each student in the SECE class must have a parent or caregiver attend class with them each day.



Let’s Sing! -Choir

This fun and energetic class will help students understand and utilize their primary instrument, their own voice!  Students will learn how to comfortably use their voice for musical expression through vocalizations, songs, part-singing, movement, and games in a fun, inclusive, and engaging atmosphere. All children should have the opportunity to use their singing voice in a musically expressive way, no matter what instrument they play!

Open to students of all ages and levels.



Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Emma Shubin teaches this dynamic class where students in bare feet are moving to music! These active classes will focus primarily on rhythm, but will also include aspects of pitch and phrasing.

Open to students age 4 and up; grouped by age.




Acting classes:

Storybook Theatre: In this unique combination of storytelling and experimental theatre, children will get to act out some of their favorite scenes from some of the most beloved children’s books. (3-6 yrs.)

Theatre 101:  This is a great class for the want-to-be actor! We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits, and improv! (7-11 yrs.)

Theatre 201:  This class will give students an opportunity to experience monologues, small group improvisations, drama games, mini-scripts and audition techniques.  A great class for the want-to-be actor! (12-18)

Open to students age 3 and up; grouped by age.






Multi-Level Guitar Ensemble

This class is for students looking for an enjoyable ensemble experience. The class will involve ensemble arrangements that allow students of wide playing abilities to perform together. The term “multi-level” means that each of these arrangements have challenges for players of all levels, from the “Pre Twinkle” level to the more advanced readers.  Ensemble arrangements will be drawn from folk, jazz, and classical repertoire. Materials Needed – All participants must provide their own guitar for the class.  Parents are welcome to join in if they have an instrument!

Open to students age 4 and up; grouped by age.





Group Voice classes:

Group Voice Class 1 -8-11 yrs. Want to learn how to sing and use your voice?  This class is for you! Come and join in learning to use your voice, how to use your breath for singing and to have fun!! You will learn several songs together and have fun! Come and sing with your friends!!

Group Voice Class 2 -12-18 yrs.  Have you always wanted to learn to sing!  Then this class is for you.  Learn songs and how to use your voice and have fun with your friends!  Learn several group songs as well as solos.

Open to students age 8 and up; grouped by age.