We are thrilled to be offering Suzuki Trumpet for the first time at CSI 2017!

Trumpet is relatively new to the Suzuki world–it was recognized as a Suzuki instrument by the International Suzuki Association in 2011–but it is growing fast. There are now Suzuki trumpet teachers working throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Suzuki trumpet students will be able to enroll in the full Suzuki Program during the second session of CSI 2017 (June 19-24), and will get to have master classes and repertoire classes in addition to musicianship and enrichment classes with fabulous CSI faculty. More details about the Suzuki student program for trumpet players can be found here.

Next week we’ll be highlighting how Suzuki students of all instruments can experience Suzuki trumpet at CSI–be sure to check back for more info!



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