“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

This quote is a great favorite of music teachers because it speaks so clearly to the daily (and often repetitive and mundane!) practice that is required to attain musical excellence. Practice is frequently one of the most fraught aspects of any Suzuki family’s journey (practice routines and struggles are some of the most discussed topics at our fabulous parent-teacher discussions).

Summer can be a particularly difficult time to stick to a practice routine given the many variations in schedules that time off from school can bring. Developing a practice plan and practice goals for the summer months can make all the difference in the world for how much work gets done—and how easy the musical transition back into school year activities goes! Institute can be a wonderful part of this kind of summer music plan. It’s inspiring, fun, and a great way to pick up new practice ideas. These ideas can come not just from master teachers, but from musically expanding enrichment courses and connecting with other Suzuki parents and families.

One special way that we support practice routines and goals at CSI is our Practice Promise Keepers program. Through this program, students can choose to make a pledge to practice every day of the year. After the Faculty Recital held on Thursday afternoon of each session, students who have practiced every day of the previous year are recognized for their achievements (and receive a beautiful practice calendar with pictures of CSI!) and students who would like try practicing  every day of the upcoming year get to join them on stage to make their practice pledge. It’s amazing each year to see that there are students present who have practiced every day for eight years or more!

We are delighted to support families on their Suzuki journeys throughout the year, and consider the practice inspiration and practice goal setting that come from institute one of the most important things we provide!




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