Playing chamber music is one of the most musically enriching and enjoyable experiences that a student musician can have. The abilities that students develop by playing chamber music will serve them in every area of their musical lives. Chamber music strengthens rhythmic skills, ensemble skills, dynamic skills, intonation skills, and communication skills (musical and otherwise!), as well as providing students a chance to bond with their musical peers.

Institute can be a great way to try out chamber music for the first time, or to strengthen an already existing interest through intensive study.  All students who are part of the CSI advanced program are automatically placed in a chamber ensemble as part of their core curriculum. Violinists, violists, and cellists who are not yet ready for the advanced program but are at least in book 4 and have some orchestra experience can also choose chamber music as their enrichment course. All students involved in chamber ensembles at CSI benefit from daily coachings by one of our faculty members.

Students in the advanced program, and those who are choosing chamber music as their enrichment course, submit a video of a polished piece and a form outlining their previous ensemble experience to be placed in an appropriate ensemble for their level. You can read more about that process here.

Students who are not yet at a playing level to participate in chamber music classes at CSI can still benefit from hearing both student and faculty chamber ensembles play on faculty recitals and celebration concerts. If you are interested in making chamber music a part of your summer, get signed up today!


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