One of the most wonderful things about institute is the chance to meet students and families from all over the country (and world!). The musical friendships that develop are invaluable for both students and parents. As students deepen and expand their love of music, these friends can serve as sources of support and inspiration (not to mention potential chamber music partners!). Parents love connecting with other Suzuki parents and trading practice ideas, musical inspiration, and other shared parenting experiences.

Musical friendships are particularly helpful as students grow into their teen years. The many transitions that arise in this time of life can cause teens to reevaluate their commitment to music, and having peers that share their discipline for and love of music can be a key factor in whether they choose to strengthen that commitment. Many teens that attend CSI choose to stay in the teen lodge as a way of spending extra time with their fellow teen musicians.

Friends that meet at CSI often stay in touch throughout the year. In fact, one institute family sent us this lovely picture of a ski trip that they shared with another institute family this winter. We love seeing CSI families enjoy time together outside of institute (you can always share your stories and pictures with us at!)

On the left is Ben Devolve (Colorado Springs, CO); violin, age 13. He has attended CSI since 2011. On the right is Ari Tullis (Steamboat Springs, CO); flute, age 13. She has attended CSI since 2013. 

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If you are interested in more information about teen lodge, click here.  

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